Egypt Passport

Travel visa requirements for Egypt passport holders.

CountryVisa RequirementDuration
Afghanistanvisa required
Algeriavisa required
Andorravisa required
Angolavisa required
Antigua and BarbudaeVisa
Argentinavisa required
ArmeniaeVisa120 days
Austriavisa required
Azerbaijanvisa required
Bangladeshvisa required
Barbadosvisa-free90 days
Belarusvisa required
Belgiumvisa required
Belizevisa required
Beninvisa-free90 days
Boliviavisa on arrival , eVisa90 days
Bosnia and Herzegovinavisa required
Brazilvisa required
Bruneivisa required
Bulgariavisa required
Burkina Fasovisa on arrival90 days
Burundivisa on arrival30 days
Cambodiavisa on arrival , eVisa30 days
Canadavisa required
Cape Verdevisa on arrival (EASE)
Central African Republicvisa required
Chadvisa required
Chilevisa required
Chinavisa required
Comorosvisa on arrival45 days
Congovisa required
Congo (Dem. Rep.)eVisa90 days
Costa Ricavisa required
Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)pre-enrollment90 days
Croatiavisa required
Cubatourist card30 days
Cyprusvisa required
Czech Republicvisa required
Denmarkvisa required
Dominicavisa-free21 days
Dominican Republicvisa required
El Salvadorvisa required
Equatorial GuineaeVisa
Eritreavisa required
Estoniavisa required
Eswatinivisa required
EthiopiaeVisa90 days
Fijivisa required
Finlandvisa required
Francevisa required
GaboneVisa90 days
Gambiavisa-free90 days
Germanyvisa required
Ghanavisa on arrival30 days
Greecevisa required
Grenadavisa required
Guatemalavisa required
Guinea-Bissauvisa on arrival90 days
Guyanavisa required
Haitivisa-free90 days
Hondurasvisa required
Hong Kongvisa-free90 days
Hungaryvisa required
Icelandvisa required
Indiavisa required
Indonesiavisa on arrival , eVisa30 days
Iranvisa-free21 days
Iraqvisa required
Irelandvisa required
Israelvisa required
Italyvisa required
Jamaicavisa required
Japanvisa required
Jordanvisa-free30 days
Kazakhstanvisa required
KenyaeVisa90 days
Kiribativisa required
Kosovovisa required
Kuwaitvisa required
Laosvisa on arrival , eVisa30 days
Latviavisa required
Lebanonvisa on arrival30 days
LesothoeVisa14 days
Liberiavisa required
Libyavisa required
Liechtensteinvisa required
Lithuaniavisa required
Luxembourgvisa required
Macaovisa-free90 days
Madagascarvisa on arrival , eVisa90 days
MalawieVisa90 days
Malaysiavisa-free90 days
Maldivesvisa on arrival30 days
Malivisa required
Maltavisa required
Marshall Islandsvisa on arrival90 days
Mauritaniavisa on arrival
Mauritiusvisa-free90 days
Mexicovisa required
Micronesiavisa-free30 days
Monacovisa required
Mongoliavisa required
Montenegrovisa required
Moroccovisa required
Mozambiquevisa on arrival , eVisa30 days
Namibiavisa required
Nauruvisa required
Nepalvisa on arrival , eVisa150 days
Netherlandsvisa required
New Zealandvisa required
Nicaraguavisa on arrival30 days
Nigervisa required
Nigeriavisa on arrival, eVisa
North Koreavisa required
North Macedoniavisa required
Norwayvisa required
Palauvisa on arrival30 days
Palestinian Territoriesvisa-free
Panamavisa required
Papua New Guineavisa required
Paraguayvisa required
Peruvisa required
Philippinesvisa required
Polandvisa required
Portugalvisa required
Qatarvisa required
Romaniavisa required
Russian Federationvisa required
Rwandavisa on arrival , eVisa30 days
Saint Kitts and Nevisvisa-free90 days
Saint Luciavisa required
Samoavisa on arrival90 days
San Marinovisa required
Sao Tome and PrincipeeVisa
Saudi Arabiavisa required
Senegalvisa on arrival30 days
Serbiavisa required
Seychellestourist registration90 days
Sierra LeoneeVisa
Slovakiavisa required
Sloveniavisa required
Solomon Islandsvisa required
Somaliavisa on arrival30 days
South AfricaeVisa
South Koreavisa required
South SudaneVisa
Spainvisa required
Sri LankaeTA30 days
St. Vincent and the Grenadinesvisa-free90 days
Sudanvisa required
SurinameeVisa90 days
Swedenvisa required
Switzerlandvisa required
Syriavisa required
Taiwanvisa required
Tajikistanvisa on arrival , eVisa45 days
Tanzaniavisa on arrival, eVisa
Thailandvisa required
Timor-Lestevisa on arrival30 days
Togovisa on arrival , eVisa15 days
Tongavisa required
Trinidad and Tobagovisa required
Tunisiavisa required
Turkmenistanvisa required
Tuvaluvisa on arrival30 days
Türkiyevisa required
Ukrainevisa required
United Arab Emiratesvisa required
United Kingdomvisa required
United States of Americavisa required
Uruguayvisa required
UzbekistaneVisa30 days
Vanuatuvisa required
Vatican Cityvisa required
Venezuelavisa required
Viet NameVisa90 days
Yemenvisa on arrival90 days
Zimbabwevisa on arrival90 days