Seychelles Passport

Travel visa requirements for Seychelles passport holders.

CountryVisa RequirementDuration
Afghanistanvisa required
Albaniavisa-free90 days
Algeriavisa-free90 days
Andorravisa-free90 days
Angolavisa-free30 days
Antigua and Barbudavisa-free180 days
Argentinavisa required
Armeniavisa required
Austriavisa-free90 days
AzerbaijaneVisa30 days
Bahamasvisa-free90 days
Bangladeshvisa-free90 days
Barbadosvisa-free180 days
Belarusvisa-free30 days
Belgiumvisa-free90 days
Beninvisa-free90 days
Boliviavisa on arrival , eVisa90 days
Bosnia and Herzegovinavisa-free90 days
Botswanavisa-free90 days
Brazilvisa-free90 days
Bruneivisa required
Bulgariavisa-free90 days
Burkina FasoeVisa
Burundivisa on arrival30 days
Cambodiavisa on arrival , eVisa30 days
Canadavisa required
Cape Verdevisa on arrival (EASE)
Central African Republicvisa required
Chadvisa required
Chilevisa required
Chinavisa-free30 days
Comorosvisa on arrival45 days
Congovisa required
Congo (Dem. Rep.)eVisa90 days
Costa Ricavisa-free30 days
Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)visa-free90 days
Croatiavisa-free90 days
Cubatourist card30 days
Cyprusvisa-free90 days
Czech Republicvisa-free90 days
Denmarkvisa-free90 days
Dominicavisa-free180 days
Dominican Republicvisa-free
Ecuadorvisa-free90 days
Egyptvisa on arrival30 days
El Salvadorvisa required
Equatorial GuineaeVisa
Eritreavisa required
Estoniavisa-free90 days
Eswatinivisa-free30 days
EthiopiaeVisa90 days
Fijivisa-free120 days
Finlandvisa-free90 days
Francevisa-free90 days
GaboneVisa90 days
Gambiavisa-free90 days
Georgiavisa-free360 days
Germanyvisa-free90 days
Ghanavisa-free60 days
Greecevisa-free90 days
Grenadavisa-free90 days
Guatemalavisa required
GuineaeVisa90 days
Guinea-Bissauvisa on arrival90 days
Guyanavisa required
Haitivisa-free90 days
Hondurasvisa required
Hong Kongvisa-free90 days
Hungaryvisa-free90 days
Icelandvisa-free90 days
IndiaeVisa30 days
Indonesiavisa on arrival , eVisa30 days
IraneVisa30 days
Iraqvisa required
Irelandvisa-free90 days
Israelvisa required
Italyvisa-free90 days
Japanvisa required
Jordanvisa on arrival, eVisa
Kenyavisa-free90 days
Kiribativisa-free120 days
Kosovovisa-free90 days
Kuwaitvisa required
Laosvisa on arrival , eVisa30 days
Latviavisa-free90 days
Lebanonvisa required
Lesothovisa-free90 days
Liberiavisa required
Libyavisa required
Liechtensteinvisa-free90 days
Lithuaniavisa-free90 days
Luxembourgvisa-free90 days
Macaovisa-free30 days
Madagascarvisa on arrival , eVisa90 days
Malawivisa-free90 days
Malaysiavisa-free30 days
Maldivesvisa on arrival30 days
Malivisa required
Maltavisa-free90 days
Marshall Islandsvisa on arrival90 days
Mauritaniavisa on arrival
Mauritiusvisa-free90 days
Mexicovisa required
Micronesiavisa-free30 days
Moldovavisa-free90 days
Monacovisa-free90 days
Montenegrovisa-free90 days
Moroccovisa required
Mozambiquevisa on arrival , eVisa30 days
Myanmarvisa required
Namibiavisa-free90 days
Nauruvisa required
Nepalvisa on arrival , eVisa150 days
Netherlandsvisa-free90 days
New ZealandeTA90 days
Nicaraguavisa on arrival30 days
Nigervisa required
Nigeriavisa-free90 days
North Koreavisa required
North Macedoniavisa-free90 days
Norwayvisa-free90 days
Omanvisa on arrival , eVisa30 days
Palauvisa on arrival30 days
Palestinian Territoriesvisa-free
Panamavisa-free90 days
Papua New GuineaeVisa30 days
Paraguayvisa required
Peruvisa required
Philippinesvisa-free30 days
Polandvisa-free90 days
Portugalvisa-free90 days
Qatarfree visa on arrival90 days
Romaniavisa-free90 days
Russian Federationvisa-free30 days
Rwandafree visa on arrival90 days
Saint Kitts and Nevisvisa-free90 days
Saint Luciavisa-free42 days
Samoavisa on arrival90 days
San Marinovisa-free90 days
Sao Tome and PrincipeeVisa
Saudi Arabiavisa required
Senegalvisa on arrival30 days
Serbiavisa-free90 days
Sierra Leonevisa on arrival , eVisa30 days
Singaporevisa-free30 days
Slovakiavisa-free90 days
Sloveniavisa-free90 days
Solomon Islandsvisa required
Somaliavisa on arrival30 days
South Africavisa-free30 days
South KoreaeTA30 days
South SudaneVisa
Spainvisa-free90 days
Sri LankaeTA30 days
St. Vincent and the Grenadinesvisa-free90 days
Sudanvisa required
Surinametourist card90 days
Swedenvisa-free90 days
Switzerlandvisa-free90 days
Syriavisa required
Taiwanvisa required
Tanzaniavisa-free90 days
Thailandvisa required
Timor-Lestevisa on arrival30 days
Togovisa on arrival , eVisa15 days
Tongavisa on arrival31 days
Trinidad and Tobagovisa-free
Tunisiavisa-free90 days
Turkmenistanvisa required
Tuvaluvisa on arrival30 days
Türkiyevisa-free90 days
Ugandavisa-free90 days
Ukrainevisa required
United Arab Emiratesvisa-free90 days
United Kingdomvisa-free180 days
United States of Americavisa required
Uruguayvisa-free90 days
UzbekistaneVisa30 days
Vanuatuvisa-free30 days
Vatican Cityvisa-free90 days
Venezuelavisa required
Viet NameVisa90 days
Yemenvisa required
Zambiavisa-free90 days
Zimbabwevisa-free90 days